Reactive systems “Oroboro Jet” ™

They utilize the impulse of the jet by providing nearly twice the drive, at the same energy and fuel consumption. They also allow the development of closed loop jet systems, where applicable, for example in water jetpacks.

Engines “Half-Water” ™

They create a driving moment by making use of the buoyancy law, formulated by Archimedes. Thus, while one vertical half of the rotor is submerged in water or another fluid, it experiences constant unbalanced pressure and rotates equiaccelerationaly, in accordance with patent JPS55156277 .

Combined with “Double Pulse” systems, W-engines allow for autonomous mobility – either individually or in larger vehicles.

Stabilized shelters “Constant Aegis”™

They act as stabilized (insurmountable) protective facilities against various fluid influences, such as wind, river flows, or ocean waves. They generate two-way, self-extinguishing counteractions of the fluid pressure. They may protect stationary objects, such as skyscrapers, or neutralize the frontal resistance of moving vehicles in atmosphere or water environment.

Drive systems “Constant Pass” ™

They operate through redirection and unlimitedly large multiplication of the driving force in energy generators and vehicles. In the meantime, they avoid the appearance of reactive counteractions, by the means of “mirror suspension” and other special suspensions. They are applicable in cases of passive elements under mechanical stress, i.e. suspended weights.

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