Reactive systems “Oroboro Jet” ™

They utilize the impulse of the jet by providing nearly twice the drive, at the same energy and fuel consumption. They also allow the development of closed loop jet systems, where applicable, for example in water jetpacks. Their action is based on the redirection of jet streams, and the use of buffers with increased aerodynamic drag.

Our developments in this field have so far brought the following registered patents:

PCT/BG2020/000021 “Device for passive reversal of fluid jets under pressure and for capturing their impulse with arcuate panels”.

A practical demonstration of non-jet motion, served as our inspiration – here

Electric cogenerators “PieZeroWatt” ™

They use existing areas of periodic mechanical pressure and vibration for cogeneration of electricity, based on the law of conservation of mechanical momentum. In doing so, they effectively multiply the input primary energy through simple mechanisms, piezo stacks, and other patented technical solutions.

Our developments in this field have so far brought the following registered patents:

PCT/BG2019/000008 “Device for lever amplification of driving force”

PCT/BG2019/000022 “Device for multistage lever amplification of driving force”

PCT/BG2020/000015 “Device for generating energy from an alternating hydrostatic pressure”

PCT/BG2020/000035 “Piezoelectric collector with controllable mechanical-hydraulic amplifier”

Wind turbines “WINDCHUTE” ™

Their unique patented design provides extreme lightness to turbine structures, and better conservation of biodiversity, combined with increased working capacity of their wind turbines, and energy productivity. A significant part of them is composed not of metal-composite elements, but of technical fabrics and flexible connections. This greatly facilitates the logistics and financing of their production, installation and maintenance.

Our developments in this field have so far led to the following registered patents:

PCT/BG2021/000021 “Fluid turbine with parachute catchers”